Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Conversation Between Friends

Joe: You know what I'm not getting?
Bobby: What? Sex?
Joe: Oh, you're funny. No, I was gonna say taller. My doctor said I should be at least 5' 10" by the time I was 18, and here I am at 20 only 5' 9".
Bobby: Well, it's not exact. It's a guess.
Joe: What is?
Bobby: How tall someone will be.
Joe: Oh. Well, she also predicted some other things.
Bobby: Like what?
Joe: Oh, when I'd get married, how many kids I'd have, what I'd eaten that morning...
Bobby: Really?
Joe: Oh, yeah, and the length of my cock.
Bobby: What the fuck?
Joe: It was pretty cool. She also guessed the names of various family members and the year I was born.
Bobby: What the hell kind of doctor is this?
Joe: I dunno, the sign on her lawn said she specialized in, like, predicting things about your life.
Bobby: Like a fortune teller?
Joe: No.
Bobby: Did she use a crystal ball?
Joe: Yeah.
Bobby: Tarot cards?
Joe: Yeah.
Bobby: Did she read your palm?
Joe: Yeah.
Bobby: That would be a fortune teller.
Joe: No it wasn't.
Bobby: Yeah.
Joe: No!
Bobby: Shut up, it was!
Joe: No she wasn't! What's a fortune teller again?
Bobby: She tells your fortune.
Joe: Oh. Maybe it was.
Bobby: You idiot.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Religion: Post I

I'll let you know from the beginning; I am an atheist. I have some fairly strong views on religion, and the subject of it fascinates me.

First of all, I don't quite get the point of it. In older times, it was used to explain phenomenon such as lightning, earthquakes, and provide something to look forward to after a crappy mortal life. Now, we can understand these phenomenon from a scientific standpoint. We can live much better lives these days, with many freedoms.

If you think religion is comforting or provides a backbone to rely on when a tragedy occurs, I think you could look to other sources for this. Family and friends can provide a great support system; hell, post your issues on a self-help forum, such as http://forum.psychlinks.ca/. If you want, post something here, and I'll give you some good person-to-person advice. A one-way communication with an invisible being in the sky just doesn't do it for me.

I am not against any specific religion. Just religion in general. It starts wars (Israel/Palestine), creates stereotypes and other hatreds, and turns people who are perfectly logical and intelligent into those who seem slightly less so.

I was influenced by "Religulous" and www.atheists.org.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"This Place is Death"

First post, and it's about LOST. This is my favorite show, and this will probably not be the last time I bring it up.

"This Place is Death"
Rating out of 5: 4.3

So... we see a little of Rousseau's back story, we found out how Monton lost his arm (remember... Season 1, finale episode: When entering the "Dark Territory," Rousseau says "This is where Monton lost his arm.") - the "monster," who we know a little more about, dragged him into a pit - and we saw the return of the Temple. If you recall, in Season 3, Ben tells Richard to bring their people to the Temple. And in this episode, we found out that Smokey is a security system for this Temple, which is covered in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

We also learned that Faraday tells Charlotte, in the past, that if she comes back to the island, she will die. Very interesting. And yet another two characters linked with the Dharma initiative.

And, of course, Locke going down the well... Christian explaining that Ben never should have turned the wheel. Does this mean that Ben may be allowed back after all?

I thought the off-island story was not as interesting as the on-island pot this episode, although I think the opposite will be true in next week's episode, entitled "316." Could this refer to a flight number (on Ajira Airways, perhaps)? Area code? Building number? I suppose we'll find out.

Numbers in 316:
3+16=19, 9-1=8
16*3=48 (4 and 8) (Also, number of people who survived from the fuselage of 815).

Please comment with theories, questions, anything.